Over 5.000 places in hotels, 800 places in the detached houses in the hstorical center, recently renovated.
Almoust from them have the own treatement base.
In Baile Herculane and on Cerna’s Valley there is a number of agroturistic guest-houses.

Surroundings, tourist attractions

  • ” Trips in Semenic Mountains and Cerna Valley, Cerna Keys,
  • ” Drobeta Turnu Severin city (Traian`s Bridge, “Iron Gates” Museum),
  • ” Danube cruise (Cazane, Tabula Traiana),
  • ” Tg. Jiu city (Constantin Brâncusi art monuments),
  • ” Tismana Monastery,
  • ” Ponoare Cave,
  • ” Pemi’s villages from Clisura Dunarii.


  1. Hercules square – Roman Hotel – Cerna’s waterfalls – „7 hot springs“ swmiming place; 2-3 hours
  2. The calk factory- The Prolaz Valley – The Feregari Gorges – The Creast; 4 hours
  3. Cerna Hotel – The white cross – Jelarau Valley – The glade of Musuroane; 5 hours
  4. Cerna Hotel – The white cross – Serban’s grotto – The Domogled peak; 8 hours
  5. Hercules square – The Ghizela cross -The Cociu waterfall; 2 hours
  6. The baths of Diana – Munc spring – The Ciorici peak; 2-3 hours
  7. „7 hot springs“ – The Banitei stone – The creast of Bolvasnita


  • Folklor International Festival HERCULES
  • The Festival of BRANDY from BANAT
  • The folk festival NEDEEA
  • The GRAPE’S ball

Arts and crafts

The regional traditional clothes are great attractions for tourists. They are presented at Folk Celebrations (The International Folk Festival is the most important one in the region). The beautiful folk clothes may be admired on special occasions (weddings or baptisms) in cities like: Plugova, Domasnea, Luncavita, Teregova or at Clisura Dunarii and Almajului Valley. The villages Ciresu, Izverna, Balta, Nadanova are still maintaining the traditional songs and cloths, making the region valuable ethnographically.
A trip to Tismana offers you the possibility to visit Tismana Arts and Crafts Center. The exhibits are decorative art elements and popular clothes, outstanding for this region of handicraft tradition.

Translated by Daniel Necsa & Loredana Lapadatescu

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