The balnear-city Baile Herculane is posted in south-west of Romania, at the crossing of the 45°52I N parallel with 23°52I E meridian, in the same position with Venice and Nice. It’s over the european routh E 70, with 380 km distance from Bucarest.


  • By road: The spa is 5 km far from the National Road DN 6 (E 70), which links the western part of the country to Bucharest;
  • By train: Herculane rail station on the international railway Bucharest-Timisoara-Budapest;
  • By plane: the nearest airports: Craiova (160 km) and Timisoara international airport (170 km). The closest important town is Drobeta-Turnu-Severin (47 km).

The city is on the board of the Cerna river, into a corridor separating the Godeanu Mountains and the Cernei Mountains from the Valcanului Mountains and the Mehedinti Mountains. Altitude is only 168 m but you can get a fraish air like at 3000 m.

The geographic location of the Cerna basin shows that it, together with the whole western part of the territory of the country, is predominantly subject to the influence of the west and south-west atmospheric circulation. – the medium temperature is 10,5°C.

The National parc Cerna-Domogled: 60.000 ha, with 24.000 ha natural reservation. Vegetation: beech and quercineae forest mainly; it is important to mention the presence of pinus nigra (Banat) all along the solitaires summits as well as of syringa vulgaris, carpinus orientalis or cotinus coggygnia; Fauna and Flora make the northern limit of many mediterranean species and the place to preserve uncountable endemysmes (1300 species, 50% of these are in the protected area of 800 ha about).

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Translated by Daniel Necsa & Loredana Lapadatescu

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